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MUCFA Celebrates First Quinquennial Anniversary

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

In 2012 during the 50th anniversary reunion of The Mico Class of 1962, the “Independence Batch”, members of the Class committed to establishing The Mico University College Foundation of America, Inc. (MUCFA). In June of 2016, MUCFA became a registered IRS approved 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. This status allows donors in the United States to claim the applicable tax rebates on their donations. MUCFA’s Purpose, in summary, is to contribute in perpetuity to the financial viability of The Mico University College (MUC) as well as to enhance its national and international stature.

MUCFA formally launched its operations in August of 2018. In the years since conceptualization, MUCFA received close to (USD) $100,000.00 in donations, and disbursed just under $70,000.00 (70% of receipts) in Scholarships and Emergency Student Assistance to The MUC. Our total operating expense since inception is $3,000.00, a mere 3% of receipts. Understandably, the intervention of the Covid-19 pandemic unfavorably impacted fundraising over the last two years.

Nevertheless, MUCFA continues to enjoy the immense goodwill of a group of extraordinary donors and supporters that remain committed to the long term viability of both MUCFA and The MUC. Notably, the group includes not only past alumni of The Mico and their families and friends, but institutional supporters such as AmazonSmile, GuideStar, and Johnson & Johnson Foundation of Employee Matching Gifts. MUCFA anticipates continued growth in public recognition, its donor base, receipts, and disbursements while ensuring zero to minimal increase in its operating expenses. Our expectations are buoyed by two examples of commitment from two (2) donors that total more than $75,000.00 over the next five to ten years. MUCFA’s donations to The MUC for the academic year, 2021-2022 will approach $30,000.00 or just under J$ 5 million.

MUCFA will always remain directly involved with The Mico University College in traditional and not so traditional ways in furtherance of its Purpose, Vision, and Mission in perpetual support of the University College. MUCFA is committed to doing whatever is necessary to dramatically improve the effectiveness of collaborative efforts, particularly with the Office of The Director of Alumni Affairs, The Mico Foundation, and MOSA in order to maximize the benefits of our shared commitment to support The Mico University College in perpetuity.

In celebration of MUCFA’s first quinquennial anniversary, MUCFA will launch its Quinquennial Distinguished Service Award Program in recognition of notably distinguished donors and volunteer service providers. The Program will be a permanent feature of the Foundation.

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