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The sole survivor of over 300 “normal” schools established in the Caribbean in 1835, The Mico has made world class ​contributions in the areas of education​ and general leadership and holds the enviable record of being the oldest teacher training institution in the Western Hemisphere.  The Mico provides educators for the entire English-speaking Caribbean and is also notably represented by its diaspora alumni in North America and the United Kingdom. 


With assistance from the Government of the Netherlands, the college established The Mico University College Diagnostic and Therapeutic Centre (CARE Unit) to diagnose the learning challenges of multiple ​​​handicapped children and to design individualized instructional techniques. This Centre​,​ the only one of its kind in the Commonwealth Caribbean​,​ has gained international recognition. 

Programs offered by The Mico include:

  • Bachelor of Education in Early Chidlhood, Primary, Secondary, and Technical Vocational Education

  • Heritage Studies in Guidance & Counseling and in School Management & Leadership


The School of Graduate Studies offers graduate, advanced graduate and professional programs of study for:

  • The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

  • The Executive Masters in Educational Management (EMEM)

  • Master of Special Education

  • Master of Science in ​Counseling & Social Work

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