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Overall Purpose

To contribute to the long-term​ financial viability of The Mico University College, enhance its national and international stature, exploit the immense, contributory potential of its engaged, committed, worldwide alumni population & supporters in keeping with the need for continuous improvement in ​expertise, ​the overall effectiveness of the College and in direct support of the Foundation’s Vision & Mission.​ At its discretion, MUCFA may, from time to time, work with institutions and causes that directly and visibly support The Mico University College.​



To contribute significantly, directly and in perpetuity to the long-term financial and general viability of The Mico University College.


The recognized, preeminent vehicle for fundraising, expertise support and international connections for The Mico University College. 

our focus

Our primary focus is fundraising for The Mico University College. Our secondary focus is to direct such funding to clearly identified, justified, prioritized projects and programs in the areas of Educating Multiple -Handicapped Children, STEM advancement, and securing the place of the Humanities in the University's curricula. 

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