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The E.B. Kennedy Scholarship awarded annually to a student at Mico University College (Mico) has remained among the top tier of Scholarships granted by that institution for many years. The Scholarship is given by the family of the late Earle B. Kennedy, to honor his memory. Earle Kennedy - a Mico graduate - has an outstanding record of service to the institution and affiliate organizations. Although inspired by his widow Melva, the grassroot fundraising is done each year by Earle's and Melva's two children Karen and Maurice. Karen, a medical doctor, and Maurice, a computer solutions developer, together with Melva are underwriters of the Scholarship, to ensure that it is adequately funded. Karen and Maurice are active in other endeavors on behalf of Mico University. They volunteer as an Executive Director, and Technical Director respectively of Mico University College Foundation of America (MUCFA). MUCFA is acknowledged as presently the largest private corporate donor of financial assistance to students at Mico.

Through the siblings, Earle B. Kennedy's legacy of giving is perpetuated through the second generation.

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