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MUCFA awards US$25,000 financial assistance package to students at Mico University College

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

At a ceremony on February 14, 2022, held at Mico University College Campus and beamed

worldwide on a video platform, The Mico University College Foundation of America (MUCFA) awarded a financial assistance package of $25,000 to 19 students at Mico at Mico University College (MUC). The ceremony was opened by Dr. Asburn Pinnock, President of MUC. There were two special awards among five awards that were given in recognition of individuals who have made valuable contributions in support of the college. The Owen James Memorial honored the late founder of MUCFA who died recently, and the Kennedy family awarded a full scholarship in memory of Earl Kennedy a member of MUC’s Class of ‘66. The ceremony was chaired by Ms. Sharon Wolfe, Director of Alumni and Development at MUC. Guest speaker was Reverend Dr. Donald Chambers, a Roman Catholic Theologian and Secretary of the Caribbean Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops. It was mentioned by Ms. Wolfe that MUCFA is presently the largest donor of financial support for students at MUC. Two students said “thank you” on behalf of the award recipients.

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