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Dr. Ben Dias Chemistry Professor and Donor to Mico University College Extraordinaire

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Ben successfully defended his dissertation for the Doctor of Arts degree and was recommended by his department Chair for a position as lecturer in Chemistry at the Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina. During Ben's 24 years at the university, he progressed from Lecturer through the positions of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry. As Head of Department, Ben was instrumental in winning a US $25,000.00 three-year grant from the famous Pfizer Foundation/United Negro College Fund grants program, "The Art of Teaching Chemistry". Notably, this course incorporates mathematics, problem-solving skills and computer literacy to strengthen laboratory experience and enhance teaching strategies that place students at the center of the learning experience. Ben retired in 2002 and remains a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. Happily, Ben remains a most exemplary supporter of his alma mater, the MUC, as well as MUCFA to which Ben recently donated US $10,000.00, which is one of the single largest donations to the Foundation to date.

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