Alumni Go Large on Donations!

Dr. Ben Dias, Class of '62 and Mr. Aston Uter, Class of '56, recently made donations of $10,000.00 and $2,200.00 respectively. Both exemplary donors have directed that their donations be used to provide scholarships.

Dr. Ben Dias' donation is the single largest donation made to the Foundation to date. MUCFA will commence awarding scholarships in the Fall of 2018. We remind Alumni that while large donations are always welcome, so are smaller donations. This is how MUCFA will be able to meet its fundraising objective of $50,000.00 over the first 12 months of its first fundraising drive.

Please help us meet our objective by not merely donating yourself but by strongly encouraging others to do so.

Thank you Dr. Ben and Mr. Uter. THANK YOU!!

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