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Alum William "Bill" Channer, Class of '55 Gives Back

Along with his "humble" (his word) but notable contribution of $500.00 to MUCFA, Bill acknowledges his gratitude to Mico and agrees that his sentiments about his Alma Mater may be shared. These are shared in paraphrase as well as in direct quotes.

Bill remains excited that he was contacted by MUCFA and given the opportunity to contribute. "It was a good thing that you thought of including me in your plans to give a contribution to Mico", he says. Continuing, he notes, "I cannot forget the blessings I have received from attending that institution." In closing, Bill wishes God's blessing on MUCFA's efforts.

MUCFA not only admires and is grateful to Bill but salutes his graceful, exemplary display of goodwill and personal gratitude. MUCFA and your Alma Mater thank you profusely, Mr. Channer!

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