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Dr. Asburn Pinnock, JP, Pres. MUC Joins MUCFA Board


· Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership 2006

Central Connecticut State University, Connecticut, USA

· Certificate in Crisis Intervention, 2000

Central Connecticut State University & Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College

· Master of Science- International Area Studies ,1996

Central Connecticut State University, Connecticut, USA

· Bachelor of Arts, History, Economics & Politics, 1991

University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

· Diploma in Teaching, Specializing in Secondary History & Social Studies

Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, 1987

Professional Experience

· President, The Mico University College

· Principal,SamSharpe Teachers’College

· Adjunct Professor,DepartmentofEducationalLeadership

Central Connecticut State University

· Lecturer, BachelorofEducationProgram,

SamSharpe Teachers’College

· ActingVicePrincipal, Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College

· Head ofDepartment II, Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College



· Member of Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA)

· Member of CARICOM Task Force Developing Teacher Education Standards

· Member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

· Board Member of the University Council of Jamaica, UCJ)

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