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Earle Beresford Kennedy – Sustaining a Legacy of Giving

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Earle Beresford Kennedy was born in Dean Pen, St Mary, Jamaica. In 1963, Earle

entered the prestigious Mico Teachers’ Training College, in Kingston. He immediately distinguished himself as a charismatic leader and was selected as the Batch’s President, holding this visible and prominent position for three years until his graduation in 1966. After leaving Mico College, Earle became Vice Principal at Water Valley Primary School. Earle migrated to the United States and quickly became a member of the Mico Old

Students’ Association (MOSA), New York Chapter. He threw himself into the work of the organization and it was obvious that his dedication to his Alma Mater was unparalleled. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Education and thereafter began a Master’s program at Brooklyn College. Earle worked on Wall Street as a Financial Analyst for many years. A consummate educator, Earle also co-founded the Oasis Day Care Center in Brooklyn, NY. He held many positions in MOSA, as well as in local and political organizations. Until the time of his passing on May 10, 2016 he was one of MOSA’s most prolific fundraisers. Our hero touched countless lives and his memory will always be cherished, especially through the annual scholarships granted in his name at Mico University College.

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