MUCFA Participates in Founders Day

(From Left to right)  Zoya Knight, Final Year Special Education Student, MUCFA Earl Kennedy 2018-2019 scholar; (unidentified student); DR. Karen Kennedy, member MUCFA Board of Directors;Shavon Goulborne, Third Year Computer Science student, MUCFA Ben Dias 2018-2019 scholar; Lennovia Clarke, First Year Mathematics student, MUCFA Class of 1962 2018-2019 scholar; Leo Chambers, President MUCFA; Trevor Thomas, Sec. MUCFA; Juliet Douse, First Year Guidance and Counseling, MUCFA Ben Dias 2018-2019 scholar; Brian Scott, Third Year Geography Student, MUCFA Class of 1962 2018-2019 scholar; Claudia Campbell, Final Year Special Education student, Earl Kennedy 2017-2018 scholar.

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